Appunti in inglese su Stevenson (2 pagine formato doc)

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1) A scottish education
Stevenson was born in Edinburgh, he was in 1850, the only son of an succesfull engineer.
He went to Edinburgh universuty where he stydied engineering and then law, he graduated in law to please his parents but he prefered literature and became a writer.

He rebelled against his parents' calvinistic religion and for a while he led a bohemian life in Edinburgh.

2) Travels and literary success
In 1873 S. wents to the Frech riviera to find a better climate for his tubercolosys, later he went to California where he married Fanny Osbourne, an american married woman of ten years older than him.

They returned to England where lived for three years.
His first adventure novel that is "Treasure island" whoose soon very succesfull and was followed by "the strange case of Dr.Jackyll and Mr.Hyde", a short novel where he follows the exemple of the american Edgar Allan Poe with his tales of mistery and horror. Stevenson also revealed himself as the true heir of Walter Scott with three of his most popular Scottish stories: Kidnapped, The Master of Ballantrae and Catriom.