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Terza prova inglese: domande e risposte - Explain what is meant by the term “Modernism” mentioning some of the most important Modernist writers who wrote In English: “Modernism” is a term associated with the great changes, which affected all the arts in Europe and America.

The main characteristic is the radical break with the literary tradition of the 19th century. Another characteristic is to try new ways of expression.

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There is an urgency to represent the variety of modern urban life, for example with the recourse to primitive myths. One of the extreme movements of Modernism was Italian Futurism, which had its most important representative in Marinetti, whose Manifesto appeared in Le Figaro.
Futurism exalted the machine age and demanded revolution and innovation in all the arts. The most important examples were Pound and Hulme. The French Symbolists had a great influence on the Imagists.

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George Orwell:  Born Eric Blair in India, George Orwell was educated at Eton College, where he developed an independent personality, with aesthetic and socialist ideas. He wished to escape from every form of man’s dominion over man, because he experienced poverty and the inefficiency of the institutions. His masterpieces are “Animal Farm” and “1984”, that show a vision of the impoverishment caused by poverty and deprivation.

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Orwell’s style is simple and clear, very different from J.Joyce, he simplifies concept to create effect, for example in “Animal Farm” there’s an allegorical structure that conceals the Russian Government. For example, each animal symbolizes an historical character, then, there’s a sarcastic tone and a painful atmosphere.