The case for the defence

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The case for the defence deals with a murder to Mrs Parker by Mr Adams.
He was a heavy stout man with bulging bloodshot eyes. Mr Adams was in Northwood street and the weapon was a hammer, which the woman was found battered to death. There were four murder’s witnesses: Mrs Salmon, Henry McDougall, Mr Wheeler and another. Mrs Salmon was the most sure and reliable witness. At the murder trial she said that at two of morning, in 15 Northwood street, she had been unable to sleep because she heard a door click shut. She went to the window and she saw Adams on the steps of Mrs Parker’s house and he had a hammer. She was very determined but when the counsel asked her to show the murder, she saw two Adams, because there was Mr Adams twin.
She wasn’t prepared to swear that it was the prisoner she had seen. After the murder trial, one of the twins got pushed on to the road right I n front of a bus. His skull smashed just as Mrs Parker’s had been.