The Christamas

Un breve racconto (in prima persona) in inglese sulle vacanze natalizie e il Natale. (1 pagine formato doc)

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The Christmas The Christmas.
The Christmas vacations are fantastic and I can make every thing that I want, I go to make shopping to buy gifts or I dresses , book together with my sister decoration the house and we make the tree of native and the manger, but we always quarrel. The eve of Christmas in my country is habit that passes SantaClaus with the sleigh and the reindeers and he bring many gifts to children and the adults. The night of the Christmas eve my family and I go to the Christmas vigil, and in the end of the mass we sings the Christmas song and ended the mass the people they make him the wishes. the Christmas day I get up soon me with my family I go to open the gifts after this I go to mass where I meet my friends and we make us the wishes.
then I return home and I help mother to prepare the lunch of native and lay the table. it is habit to make the lunch of Christmas with all the relatives and we usually eat the “cappeletti” , the chicken, the salmon, and for sweet the Christmas log or the “Panettone” . after the lunch We start playing to bingo or other games there. In the afternoon my uncles come and to me and my sister they bring the gifts and together with their self I play to cart to poker where who loses pay, instead the evening my family and I put around the Tv and we watch a beautiful movie of Christmas .