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  • The dance is a way of expression that, refusing the use of the word, puts in evidence the language of the body. Such language, universally known, it allows to express particular feelings, through one or more movements of the body, that find their origin in a push that stimulates both the mind and the body.
The ballet is the most ancient kind of dance that can be studied in the academies.. and its history is really fascinating, thinking to about as it evolved in the time. Its origin cames from courtiers dances in the Renaissance. At the beginning all the dancers were men and the first woman danced for the first time on the stage it in 1681.

Towards the end of the '700 the dance started to have strong accelerations. In the '900 were founded the School of American Ballet, later the Ballet Society it will become the New York City Ballet.. one of the greatest and famous schools all over the world. All the footsteps of the ballet were published for the first time in France, and it is therefore French the international language for it. Today in the academies, besides the principal lessons, the dancers take part to special lessons for the technique of the pas de deux, or of the dance in couple.

The great centers of the Italian ballet are represented by the "Scala" in Milan, by the Theater "Opera" in Rome and by the Theater "San Carlo" of Naples.
  • Also the cinema has used this kind of show, to make films of great success and to create a sort of spectacular vision of the dance. Hollywood and Brodway have also become place of the cinema and the musical thanks to the dance. Among my favourite films there are Dirty Dancing, film that speaks about dance and love, of which we remember its sound track , that all of us sing under the shower.