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A KNIGHT there was, and what a gentleman Who, from the moment that he first began To ride about the world, loved chivalry, Truth, honour, freedom and all courtesy.
Full worthy was he in his sovereign's war, And therein had he ridden, no man more, As well in Christendom as heatheness, And honoured everywhere for worthiness. At Alexandria, in the winning battle he was there; Often put in the place of honour, a chair. Above all nations' knights in Prussia. In Latvia raided he, and Russia, No christened man so oft of his degree. In far Granada at the siege was he Of Algeciras, and in Belmarie. At Ayas was he and at Satalye When they were won; and on the Middle Sea At many a noble meeting chanced to be.
Of mortal battles he had fought fifteen, And he'd fought for our faith at Tramissene Three times in duels, always killed his foe. This self-same worthy knight had been also At one time with the lord of Palatye Against another heathen in Turkey: And always won he widespread fame for prize.