The rime of the ancient mariner: traduzione, parafrasi e analisi

The rime of the ancient mariner di Coleridge: parafrasi, traduzione e analisi della prima parte della ballata, in inglese (3 pagine formato doc)

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The rime of the ancient mariner di Coleridge. Part 1 by Colerdige. Paraphrase: An old sailor, stops one of three wedding guest.

One says:” why do you stop me, with your long grey beard and glittering eyes?” “The bridegroom’s doors are opened wide, and I am a next of kin, everyone is ready and the party has begun, you can hear the merry sound.” He seizes him with his gaunt hand, and says: “ there was a ship”. “let me go, old rascal!” and the old sailor frees him. He captures him again, with his glittering eyes, the wedding guest, that listens to him like a three year child: in fact the sailor has his will. The guest sit on a stone, he has to listen: so the bright – eyed sailor speaks. “The ship, was greeted, left merrily the harbour and sailed below the church, the hill and the lighthouse.
The sun rose out of the sea on the left; it shone bright and set down into the sea on the right. Every day it shone higher in the sky, till when it was over the mast”. The guest strikes his breast, because he hears the bassoon. The bride appears in the hall, she is red as a rose, preceded by the musicians, who nodded their heads. The guest hit his breast; he has to listen, so the bright–eyed sailor speaks. “and came the storm. It was violent and strong: he hit the ship with his wings and drove us south along. 

The rime of the ancient mariner: analisi e riassunto


The mast was bent and the prow very low, as who chased by his enemy, screaming and hitting
The ship went fast, the storm roared loud, driving us southward. After came mist and snow, and all became really cold: iceberg, high as the mast, floated by, like a green emerald. Through the drifts the snowy stones sent a sad light. We didn’t see any man or beast: only ice everywhere. The ice was here, the ice was there, the ice was all around: it cracked, growled, roared and howled, like the noise when someone fainting! At last came an albatross through the fog, as a christian soul. We acclaimed God’ name. It ate the food we gave him, food that he had never eaten, and he flew around the ship. The ice split and the helmsman drove the ship between it. And also there was a good south wind behind us; the albatross followed us every day, looking for food or to play. In mist or cloud, on mast or sails, it followed us for nine days. During the night, the moon shone through white fog.” “God save you, sailor, from hell! Why do you look at me so? With my cross-bow I shot the albatross.

The rime of the ancient mariner: riassunto e analisi


Translation. PRIMA PARTE - È un vecchio marinaio, e ferma uno dei tre convitati: «Per la tua lunga barba grigia e il tuo occhio scintillante, e perchè ora mi fermi? Le porte del Fidanzato son già tutte aperte, e io sono il più stretto parente; i convitati son già riuniti, il festino è servito, tu puoi udirne di qui l'allegro rumore.» Ma egli lo trattiene con mano di scheletro. «C'era una volta un bastimento ...» comincia a dire. «Lasciami, non mi trattener più, vecchio vagabondo dalla barba brizzolata!» E quello immediatamente ritirò la sua mano.