The Simpson

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The Simpsons is a TV series created by Matt Groening back in 1988.
At first it was a comic that did not achieve much success, later became a cartoon and after several appearances in prime time on American television, The Simpsons began their climb to success. His greatest success came in the seventh and eighth season. In 2004 was produced the movie of The Simpsons, which came out in 2008. In 2009 The Simpsons celebrated their twenty years, all new episodes in America are sent in the early evening. In Italy the first episode of the Simpsons was broadcast in 1991.

During the twenty seasons, aired in many countries around the world, in many episodes there have been several famous people, and besides taking life as cartoon, have also double their characters, highlighting the success of the better Simpsons: The Rolling Stones , The Who, the ramones, former United States presidents George Bush senior, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Richard Gere,  and many others.

The show has as its protagonist the Simpson family, who lives in Springfield: Springfield is not a real city, but the fruit of the imagination of Matt Groening and some experiences from the creator. The father is Homer Jay Simpson, representing the average U.S.
citizen: fat, a lover of baseball and with an average worker (Homer works as a security inspector to a nuclear plant).

The city of Springfield may be described as a microcosm in which they addressed all the issues of modern society. 
The series mocks the abuse of power that the government and big business have on ordinary people: politicians are corrupt (Mayor Quimby), the media are subservient to power and make bad information, the Reverend Lovejoy are indifferent to his faithful , and the local police, in particular Commissioner Clancy Winchester, is totally inefficient.