The stock exchange

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What happen on the stock exchange.
Main stock exchange - New York - London - Tokio - Frankfurt. Share is the part in which is divided the capital and is known as stock and the owner are called stockholder or shareholder. Reason to buy a share - you could make a profit if you sell them - after their value has risen - you could earn a dividend from the company's profits. Risks to have a share - you could lose if their value goes down - you could receive nothing if the company has not profit. Bond is a document issued by a government or company when borrowing money from public, the owner are called bondholder and with it the older obtain repayment of loan, plus a fixed rate of interest. Broker is an intermediary who buys and sells shares on behalf of the investor types bulls -> believe that the value of the shares will rise.
Bears -> expect that the prices of shares will fall.