Thomas Cook

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Thomas Cook was born in England in 1808.
He was a wood-turner/printer and the secretary of him church in Leicester. In 1841 he organized a rail travel for the members of his church from Leicester to Loughborough, it was around trip that included the cost of the rail ticket and the food on the journey. In 1845 he arranged a two-day return trip to Liverpool for the general public, before he bought the train tickets, personally contacted the hotel staff and the price included travel, meals and accommodation. After these trip, Cook went on to organize trips all over Britain and Europe. In 1851 he published the world’s first travel magazine which had details of trips, advice to travellers and articles and reports about the places to visit.
In 1854 he gave up his job as a wood-turner/printer. Thomas Cook with his son John Mason introduced a circular ticket and they organised a system of coupons which people bought at home and exchanged in the foreign country for a hotel room and meals...