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Troy has been taken from Homer's sprawling tale of love and war in ancient Greece.
In 1193 B.C., Paris, Prince of Troy, has fallen in love with Helen, Queen of Sparta, who is wed o King Menelaus; Paris steals her away from Sparta. Menelaus' brother Agamemnon, King of the Mycenaeans, is eager to expand his empire through Troy to the lands of the Aegean Sea, and he uses Paris' romantic slight against Menelaus as an excuse to take part to the war. Priam, King of Troy, summons his armies, led by Prince Hector, but Agamemnon has a formidable ally, Achilles, a mighty and seemingly unstoppable warrior. Spartans will be able to win the war with a brilliant idea of Odysseus to build a big wooden horse, hide some men into it and convince the Trojans to bring it into the city as a gods offer.

Main Characters

Paris: Orlando Bloom; Prince of Troy, he steals Helen from Menelaus.
Helen: Diane Kruger; Queen of Sparta, she's wed to King Menelaus.
Menelaus: Brendan Gleeson; King of Sparta, he starts a war against Troy when Paris steals Helen from him.
Agamemnon: Brian Cox; Menelaus' brother, he is the King of Mycenaeans and he takes part to his brother's war to expand his empire.
Priam: Peter O'Toole; King of Troy, he is very bound to his sons and his land.
Hector: Eric Bana; Prince of Troy, he is brother of Paris, he fights and loses his life for his brother and for his father and his land's honour.
Achilles: Brad Pitt; King of Myrmidons, he fights for his own honour and he falls in love with a cousin of Paris, Briseis.
Briseis: Rose Byrne; she's Priam nephew and a priestess of Apollo, she falls in love with Achilles.
Odysseus: Sean Bean; King of Itaca, he has the great idea to build the wooden horse..