verbo frasale turn

verbo frasale turn, i significati diversi e gli esempi (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di terra29
TO TURN AWAY: to be refused, no let in Es: since the concert was sold out, they were turned away TO TURN DOWN: to refuse, to reject (jobs, offers, invitations) Es: she turned down the job because she found a better one TO TURN ON/OFF: to switch on/off, to put on/off Es: turn on the radio TO TURN ON (2): to attack (animals) Es: the dog turned on the man for no reason TO TURN UP/DOWN: to increase or to decrease (modify volume, intensity) Es: turn up the flame, or the water will never boil TO TURN UP (2): to arrive, to be present (unexpectedly, with a surprise) Es: you will never guess who turned up at the party! TO TURN UP (3): to be found (after searching or waiting) Es: I have looked everywhere for my glasses, I hope they turn up TO TURN INTO: to change, to transform Es: the frog was turned into a prince TO TURN OUT: to attend (in streets or squares) Es: many people turned out for the demonstration against the war TO TURN OUT (2): to end up, to happen, to develop Es: it turned out to be a nice day after all TO TURN OUT (3): to be revealed Es: we thought he was English, but he turned out to be Australian TO TURN OUT (4): to produce, to make Es: how many cars does FIAT turn out a day? TO TURN OUT (5): to evict (to be forced to leave one's home) Es: the police turned out the family as the owner wanted the home TO TURN TO: to ask for help, advice Es: he turned to his older brother, when he was in trouble TO TURN TO (2): to start a new activity Es: when he retired, he turned to painting TO TURN TO (3): to seek a desperate solution Es: when hi s problems get worse he turned to drugs/ alcohol/ Zen TO TURN OVER: to turn upside down Es: the car struck the wall and turn over .