Victorian age and Compromise

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Victorian age and Compromise - The Victorian compromise.

The Victorian era was a period of change. We have the invention of telephone, electricity and gramophone. However it was photography, more than other inventions which changed the manner of recording objects and people; we also have the invention of railway, which speeded up the way of moving.

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The adjective Victorian Age is usually used to indicate a period in literature, from the decline of romanticism to the modernism. The term Victorian came from Queen Victoria who came to the throne at 18.
So this adjective was immediately associated with progress and confidence. But the Victorian period was also characterized by poverty and instability, contradictions which can be found in literature.

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The Victorian values - Philantropy (happiness, interest in the near) was a wide phenomenon in this period. Middle class ideals dominated Victorian family life. The family was patriarchal, were the husband represented the authority and the woman regarded the education of children. Victorian society was concerned with female chastity, and single women with a child were emarginated as fallen women.

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Patriotism was very popular in that period; British people thought that god imposed them to take the authority.All this aspects were part of what is known as Victorian compromise.