Warpoets e The soldier di Rupert Brooke

Appunto sui Warpoets con testo e traduzione, analisi e commento della poesia The Soldier di Rupert Brooke (2 pagine formato doc)

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Therefore young men full of dreams set off to have some adventure not knowing that tahey would be stuck (incastrati) in the trenches, in the mud, to cold to rats and shells(proiettili).

New weapons were used.
The unexpected was a new type of war. Instead of being a war of fight between two armies, flashing and fighting on a day, they had to face a war which was based on position.

 So if the question was why is the first world war so deeply ingrained(radicato) in the memory of the States that were involved in the war? Why the Englished were so impressed by the first World War, and still today keep on celebrating  the casualties and they also have a celebration based on the poppies, to symbolize the blood shed on the "Torn fields of France". The poppies so red, had their roots in the veins of the soldiers.
The last war they remembered was the Boer War, which was fought in south Africa, between the English and the Dutch(olandesi) colonies. The remembrances was so deemed of the war, that when it came to help the nations invaded by Germany, they immidiately rushed to help. 

Legge la scheda dei war poets. Kiplingue is the author of the jungle book, he was a very strong supporter of the idea of the white's man burden, that consisted in spreading english civilization and the true religion(christianity). In reality this excessive motto was meant to cover a very mean reality, that of colonialism. They justified themeselves with this motto.(for example: Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe). The english was supposed to be the leaders.