William Wordsworth - Life, Works, Features, Daffodils.

In questo documento in inglese viene trattato l'autore inglese romantico William Wordsworth appartente alla prima generazione (first generation) di autori romantici inglesi. (2 pagine formato doc)

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William Wordsworth was born in Cumberland, in the Lake District, where he spent his childhood happily.
He lost his parents when he was a child and he had three brothers and a sister, Dorothy.
He was educated at the grammar school of Hawkshead and then at St.
John’s College, Cambridge, where he obtained his degree in 1791. He became a supporter of the French Revolution and together with his sister he moved to Dorset.
In 1795 he met Samuel Coleridge: they shared the same love for nature and they both enjoyed walking and talking about poetry; they spent some months together in Germany in 1798-99.
In 1802 he married Mary Hutchinson, a childhood schoolfriend.
Wordswoth spent all his life writing, without a fixed profession.
He firstly was a republican but he gradually turned to political conservatism.
In 1843 he was appointed Poete Laureate and in 1850 he died.
Wordsworth composed his best and original verse between 1797 and 1807.
Longer Poems:
-    The Prelude: an autobiographical poem divided in 14 books
-    The Excursion: a poem in nine books which was to be a part of a longer philosophical poem called “The Recluse”