Wordsworth e Coleridge a confonto

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Riassunto sul confronto tra i due poeti romantici inglesi Wordsworth e Coleridge: i temi principali della loro poesia (1 pagine formato doc)


Confronto tra Wordsworth e Coleridge - Wordsworth and Coleridge are the two most important poets of the first English romantic period.

They worked together to create the collection “Lyrical Ballads”, and they have some different point of view about poetry, nature and imagination. Imagination: 1.
Wordsworth believes that imagination is used to enrich simple ideas in tranquillity. Men has this faculties before the birth and they lost it growing up; 2. Coleridge divides it into primary and secondary, and it is the capacity of perceive the world around us (common to all people) and then the capacity of order those memories and enrich them with supernatural. Nature.

Natura e immaginazione nel Romanticismo inglese: riassunto


Wordsworth feels nature as full of life, as it would be a part of us, in order to a Pantheistic vision; nature is opposed to town, it is a source of feelings and it is pervaded by an active force.

Confronto Coleridge, Wordsworth e Shelly


Coleridge, instead, sees the nature as the One Life (a divine power), and all his description of landscapes or natural elements, are endowed with a deeper symbolic meaning. Poetry: 1. Wordsworth says the poetry is a spontaneous expression of feelings; it is “emotion recollected in tranquillity”. The poet takes inspiration from rustic life, and then, he combines the memory of those emotions, with the use of imagination. 2. Coleridge believes that poetry is a product of unconscious and it creates a kind of ecstasy, reproduced with the use of memory and the adding of supernatural elements.