World War One: breve riassunto

breve riassunto della Prima guerra mondiale in inglese (1 pagine formato docx)

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World War One: breve riassunto - World War One.

Edward was succeeded by George 5. Europe was divided into 2 rival camps. One the one hand there was the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria, Italy), on the other one the Entente Cordial (England, Russia, France). The rivalry of Russia and Austria over Serbia led to the war when the Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand was murdered in Sarajevo by a group of Serbian nationalists. Russia was forced to defend Serbia and so Germany to aid Austria. When Germany invaded Belgium, which was neutral, to attack France, England entered the war. There was a great patriotic enthusiasm.

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The government persuaded people to join the Army with propaganda. By the end of 1915 so many men were killed that they had to reintroduce conscription. Germany nearly defeated the allies, since it had better equipment and trained soldiers. Both sides built a huge line of trenches from Belgium to Swiss. After the war many suffered forms of obsession and terror because of these trenches.

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When Germany sunk a British Boat, the Louisiana, the USA joined the war. They imposed a blockade on Germany which was forced to sign the armistice. The peace treaty was signed in Versailles. The president Willson proposed 14 points to work out the peace treaty and ONU was founded.