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The Victorian age.

The adjective Victorian is used to describe a set of moral values. The Victorians were great moraliser. They promoted a code of values that reflected the world as they wanted it to be, not as it really was, based on personal duty, hard work, respectability, and charity. The rich middle class believe that material progress would emerge from hard work and insist on sense of duty rather than personal inclination. Respectability was a important mixture of morality and hypocrisy, severity and conformity to social standards. It implied the possession of good manners, comfortable house, regular attendance at church, and charitable activity.
Middle class ideals also dominated Victorian family life with patriarchal unit.
During the reign of queen Victoria between 1837 1901 there was the first reform act.

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The queen was the example of way of life. It was a period of material progress and social reforms. Chartism was a working-class movement and it want social reforms and the extension of the right to vote. In 1851 the Great Exhibition made manifest Britain’s leading political and economic power with the Crystal Palace. After the Chartism in 1882 were approved the Trade Unions. For the problem linked to the misery the Government promoted campaign to clean the towns devastated by cholera and TB. British power extended into Asia, Africa, Central America and Oceania. British citizens be lived that imperial expansion. Patriotism was influenced by ideals of racial superiority.
Victorian age was the age of the novel. During this period there was a communion of interest and opinions between writers and their readers. The middle class was avid consumers of literature. A great deal of Victorian literature was first published in instalments in the page of periodicals. Novelist depicted society as they saw it.

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It is possible divide Victorian novels into three group:
- The early Victorian novel whose main representative was Charles Dickens dealt with social themes and expressed the ideals of the age.
- The mid Victorian novel was linked to the persistence of romantic and gothic tradition, and to psychological vein for example Bronte sister and Stevenson.
- The late Victorian novel was nearer to the European development of naturalism an almost scientific look at human behaviour upon which the narrator no longer had power to comment.
Authors like Hardy, Wilde began to express a sense of displeasure with the values of the age.
- The voice of the omniscient narrator comment the plot and erected a barrier between right and wrong characters.
- The setting was the city, symbol of industrial civilisation- the long plot complicated by sub plot.
- Analysis of the character’s inner lives.- retribution and punishment for characters in the final chapter.

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