Romeo and Juliet

Riassunto dell'opera di Shakespeare atto per atto (1 pagine formato doc)

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The play begins with a sonnet, where the private emotional experience of the lovers is explored in isolation and in relation both to their social context and ideas ok love, destiny and death.
first act
the first act covers a whold day, the first of the five in witch the play takes place, and it opens in verona street.
is composed of a series of dialogues about the concept of love. in ends with the scene of the masque and the meeting of the two main characters: romeo, the son of lord montague, and juliet, lord capulet's daughter.
second act
the second act is concentrated on a development of the relationship between romeo and juliet. The dialogue between the loversdeals with the theme of love.
this act also ends with a cerimony: the secret wedding of the two lovers celebrated in the chapel by friar laurance
third act
this is the central act; is the longest one and it can be divided into two parts: that of public events concentrated in the first scene, and that of private events
fourth act
it is the preparatory act to the final tragedy. the deviation of information has brought about the division of the chatacters in two groups: only friar laurence and juliet share both. in the shortest act: it covers tuesday afternoon and wednesday  morning