Appunti della letteratura inglese del terzo anno di liceo scientifico (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di pangiola
Beowulf → 7^th-8^th  cenutry
Pagan → Germanic, but there are some Christian elements (value), because the monks, when they rewrite, they changed the story. 
The pagan principal values were:
Society → Anglo-Saxon and Vikings
Authors → unknown (maybe the poem was composed as an elegy for a king who died in the 7^th century
Periods → 7^th century → referred to 5^th- 6^th centuries invasion
Place → Scandinavian area
Language → Wessex dialect (Old English) → a very elevated language (loftly).
In Beowulf we have NOT  similes, but lots of kenning, NO rhyme scheme, but some internal rhymes
Characters → Beowulf (hero), King Hrothgar (of Denmark), Wiglaf (Beowulf’s retainer in the second part of the poem), Grendel (the monster), Grendel’s mother (other monster)
Style → elevated
Vocabulary → rich
Society → aristocratic one (and military, as the others epic poem)→ relationship between the lord with his thanes, founded on provision and service → value of loyalty
Nature → nature represented in a melancholic atmosphere, with a sense of doom → world ruled by fate and destiny
Didactic aim → all men should direct themselves to action which lead glory and praise