The rise of the novel

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Sintesi in inglese sulla nascita del romanzo, con riferimenti ai giornali, ai biografi e all'arte contemporanea alla nascita del romanzo (2 pagine formato doc)

To analyze the rise of the novel we have to consider a very long period of time because it developed over many years. In fact the movement started in the 17th century and found completition in the 19th century. There are two different types of fictional work. Romance and Novel. They are both written in prose and invented by the author. The romance lacks the main and most important element that makes a work a novel: plausibility. If there is no plausibility it is a romance. The definition of the difference between romance and novel was given by William Congreeve in the preface of his play "Incognita", it should have been a novel but he was not able to apply his own definition. To understand how these works cane about we have to analyze the history and the society of the country where they are written. The first novel ever was "Don Quixotte" by Cervantes.