Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe

Appunti su Daniel Defoe e su Robinson Crusoe, in lingua inglese (3 pagine formato docx)

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The novel's readers mostly came from the ranks of the commercial and mercantile middle class, whose outlook was mainly practical and realistic.
It may be said that the novel came into being to satisfy the needs of the new middle class, which demanded original stories relating ordinary experiences.

The novel replaced the romance in the 18th century; the novel told a story which although invented, was quite realistic.
The characters were recognizable as people who lived in a world shared with the reader.

STORY: A narrative text made up of a sequence of events
PLOT: The original combination of events
Quite often a novel starts in media res, that is not at the beginning of the series of events but in the middle of them.
Generally speaking, time settings usually refer to the time of the day, the season, or even historical events.
Is where the story takes place and may also influence the people in the story and create a peculiar atmosphere. There are also characters who belong to a place, and this reflects their character or temperament.
A setting may include outdoor scenery, detailed descriptions of interiors, with details of behavior, clothes and so on, which provide the social setting of the story.