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Schema riassuntivo su James Joyce e di Eveline, una storia tratta da Dubliners (2 pagine formato doc)

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James Joyce (1882-1941)
He was born in Dublin in 1882.
He graduated in modern languages, which was kind of uncommon. 
He never felt an Irish man. Irish people always thought of themselves as superior: a war against Britain was going on. He looked for a solution outside his homeland. For this reason, he lived in Italy (Trieste), although Joyce’s novels are all set in Dublin: he was still very interested in Irish people’s future. He spent sometime in Paris and in 1931 he got married: Joyce and his wife moved finally to Italy and spent the rest of their lives in Trieste. Joyce had a lot of troubles because of his novels, which were considered inconvenient (and weren’t published).

The Dubliners was first published in 1914 but completed only a year later.
Another very important work was A portrait of the artist as a young man (1916). Both these works were revised by Ezra Pound.
In 1922 he finished writing the Ulysses. Joyce’s novels focus on Dublin in its ordinary life (not only the social situation of the city but also the psychological situation of people living in the city): the social contest wasn’t the most important thing. He wanted to focus on how the characters behaved. The way their minds work affects their behavior.