Breve descrizione della poetica di Keats in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

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Features and themes:
his life was troubled by family tragedies, financial problems and homeless love affairs.

he himself was killed by tuberculosis at the age of 26. his poetry was obviously influenced by the tragic event of his life, so most of his poem are imbued with a sense of melancholy, death and mortality.
poetry as solace: he saw poetry as something Absolute, the only reason for life. the only way to defeat death. It was not to contain a message or convey a philosophical theory, but only to reproduce what his own Imagination suggested to him, and what most struck his Imagination was BEAUTY. Not the intellectual beauty, but the Beauty that reveals itself to the enchantment of the senses.

BEAUTY became the central theme of all Keats’s poems, because it was the only consolation he found in a life of sadness and misunderstanding.

The memory of something beautiful was to him a source of joy. Beauty could be either physical or spiritual, but physical beauty is simply the expression of spiritual beauty, and although the first can be subject to time and decay, the second is eternal and immortal. In fact, an artist die, but the beauty he has created lives on.

IMAGINATION is another central theme oh Keats’s poetry. he believes in the truth of imagination: Imagination recognizes beauty in existing things, but also creates beauty. For Keats, Imagination is more powerful than speculative reasoning, but a complex mind is one which would exist partly on sensations, partly on thought, although it is a sensuous Imagination that is the creative force of Beauty.