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Tematiche, personaggi e relazioni tra questi, luoghi e trama dell'opera di William Shakespeare, The Tempest (2 pagine formato doc)

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Plot. The work of Shakespeare, the Tempest, begins in “medias res”, during a tempest desired by Prospero, wizard and rightful duke of Milan, who is helped by the spirit Ariel.

The aim of the tempest is to bring the boat of the brother Antonio, whom he had been exiled by from Milan with the daughter Miranda, on Prospero’s island and disperse the crew so that all the survivors think that all the others died. On the boat there were many people over Antonio, Alonso the king of Naples and his son Ferdinand, who went to Carthage for the wedding of Alonso’s daughter.
During the narration Prospero, with his magic art, learned from books, weaves trap to move the shipwrecked like pawns on his desert island, on which there were only the son of the witch Sicorax, Calibean, who after trying to approach Miranda, was sent away.

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Than Calibean met Stefan and Trinculo, two drunks of the crew, and together they tried to kill Prospero to conquer the island, but they did not succeed. In the meanwhile Ferdinand, arrived at the cave of Prospero, falls in love with Miranda.
The work ends with the reconciliation between Prospero and Antonio, the wedding of Ferdinand and Miranda and the renunciation of magic by Prospero with a solemn monologue.
Main characters
Alonso: king of Naples, travelling for the wedding of the daughter
Sebastian: Alonso’s brother
Antonio: Prospero’s brother, he has usurped the throne of the dukedom of Milan and he has exiled Prospero and his daughter
Prospero: rightful duke of Milan, he is a magician and he is the “architect” of the plot
Ferdinand: Alonso’s son and he falls in love with Miranda
Gonzalo: honest and old councillor
Calibean: savage and deformed slave, he is the son of the witch Sicorax
Miranda: Prospero’s daughter and the future bride of Ferdinand
Ariel: spirit of the air in the service of Prospero.

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Relation between the characters
•    prospero-antonio: prospero wants revenge against him because of the exile on the desert island, after dividing the power with Antonio. But their contrasts are smoothed because of the engagement between the two guys, because Antonio was a great friend of Alonso.
•    Ferdinand-miranda: they fall in love immediately, as soon as they met in the cave of prospero
•    Miranda-calibean: he tried to approach her, but obviously prospero did not agree and sent away the frightening slave
•    prospero-ariel: prospero freed Ariel from a tree, where he had been imprisoned by Sicorax, before her death, so the spirit began to serve the magician and prospero promised that after this events he would free him.