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Breve riassunto su Charles Dickens in inglese - Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens was one of the greatest Victorian novelist, characterized by a complex and double personality . When ha was a child, his father was arrested as a debtor and he was obliged to leave school and go working in a factory, so he came in touch with a lot of the elements that inspired his way of writing.
First of all, his locations are often degraded urban settings (a part from “A Tale of Two Cities”), in which he put his characters, mainly belonging to the middle-class. We can also find characters of other classes, but they are more stereotyped.

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An important feature of Dickens’s characters is their characterization, the way how the author used to build them. They are great portraits of real people, who can be clearly divided into good and evil. Even if they can sometimes be exaggerated and grotesque, they are hardly ever stereotyped and there is not a psychological development. What’s more, Dickens’s plots are not simple and fluent, but they are often confused and rich of mixed details.