Descrizione in inglese del drama, ovvero il genere teatrale (1 pagine formato doc)

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Drama is a theatrical performance; this word cames from Greek ed it means action.
In English it means any theatrical performance, whether comic or tragic, unlike Italy. To became a drama, there must be a text written for the theater, the script, and anaudience. Each text is performed and interpreted: there are the Stage, the Actors, so every play is run by playwright, director, Actors and audience. As art forms, drama both can be written in verse and prose, or a mixture of these two styles. There are several differences between historical and modern drama: the length is fairly long in the historical, but fairly short in the modern, there are fewer acts and scenes in the historical relation to the modern, there are more characters in the historical comparison in the modern, the plot has a simple meaning in the modern than in the historical drama.