Età Vittoriana: Browning, Hardy, Stevenson and Wilde

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I maggiori esponenti della poesia e della prosa inglese nell'età vittoriana (3 pagine formato doc)


Robert Browning is the great exponent to the Victorian poetry and he was deeply interested in the working of the human mind.
He is particularly associated with the dramatic monologue.
The dramatic monologue has some characteristics: an individual, who is not the poet, ‘speaks' the poem in a specific situation at a critical moment. He addresses with someone else and the main effect is the unintentional revelation of his true character. He called objective his poems because they are opposed by the objective lyrics of the Romantics. His stories are told by an actor and not by the poet.
His style is colloquial and he tends to reproduce the spoken speech.

Robert Browning's great works are ‘The Ring and the Book' and ‘Dramatic Romances and Lyrics'. The extract we can read is ‘A heart... too soon made glad', which belongs to the ‘My Last Duchess'. The setting is the castle of the Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso II D'Este and he spoke about his forst wife, who he killed after 3 years of marriage (1561). His wife's name is Lucrezia and the monologue is written in the 1843.

The Duke spoke about a portrait in the wall to an envoy sent to arrange the details of a second marriage with the Count's daughter. He reveals that he killed his wife because he was jealous and his wife thanked men for their worthless gifts and she didn't thank him at the same.


He was born in the Dorset - a country in the south-west of England. In 1862 - for five years- he moved to London to work as an architect. When he returned to Dorset he married and started his career as a novelist; his most important plays are ‘Far from Madding Crowd', ‘Tess of d'Urbervilles', Jude the Obscure'. He abandoned the novel and devote himself to poetry. Hardy is considered one of the most important exponent of the regional novel and naturalism. He set his novels in the Wessex (ancian name for the rural countries of Hampshire and Dorset). The theories of Darwin and the evolution influenced Hardy he was forced to accept these theories. His characters are crushed by circumstances.