Letteratura inglese del 20° secolo

Appunti e schemi da libro riordinati e raggruppati a seconda dei temi trattati (in lingua inglese): the modernism, Joyce, Eliot, Yeats, Existenzialism, Plath, War poets, Hemingway (21 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di petitphoenix
The year 1910 seems to mark a divided line in the history of the novel.
The years following 1910 were characterized by an actual revolution in English literature, which some critics have later labelled with the general definition of modernism. Modernism usually refers to the novelist who actually experiments with new forms and who tried to explore the mental processes that developed in the human mind, trough what is called the stream of consciousness technique. Modernism is an international movement originating in a period of deep social and intellectual change, dominated the sensibility and aesthetic choices of the great artists of the age. It implied a break with traditional values and rejected Naturalism and Decadence in favour of introspection and technical skill.
The modernism seemed to transform every aspect of art. The modernist were all against Victorianism and they are interested in the unconscious mind and symbolism than in politics...