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Untitled LISPETH Lispeth is a Indian girl, whose parents turned Christian and baptised her after the bears destroyed their harvest.
When they died of Cholera, Lispeth stayed at Christian mission. She grew into a beautiful girl. In her habits Lispeth differs in various ways from the white people. For example, she likes taking very long walks, unlike English ladies, who prefer to move about in a carriage. On one of these walks she finds an Englishman unconscious on the ground and carries him home. She tells the Chaplain's wife that she will marry him. Her behaviour towards the Englishman shocks the white community. When the Englishman recovered he spent all his time with Lispeth being kind to her.
Lispeth fell in love with the Englishman who did not care for her at all. She was very miserable when he went away but she believed that he would return because ha had promise to do so. Actually the Chaplain's wife had told him to lie to Lispeth in order to avoid any fuss on her part.