Samuel Richardson: "Pamela"

Appunti sulla biografia dell'autore inglese Samuel Richardson e della sua opera più importante: il romanzo Pamela (1 pagine formato doc)

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Samuel Richardson
He wrote the novel called: the burgeois novel.
Some critics considers him the father of the English literature more than Defoe because of some features of his novels:
Plot → a lot of stories around the main character
Characterization → technique whereby the characters are presented → the individual of the middle class → attention to passions
Psychological inside → a real attention to the development of the characters.

This features are in Defoe’s novels, but to a lesser extent. However in Richardson’s novels all his about the real life of the main character.
BIOGRAPHY →  he was born in 1689, by a puritan commercial middle-class family. He was a printer, and when he was 32 he opened his own printing shop. When he was 50 (he was old like Defoe), he was asked to write a volume of model letters to be used on various occasions by country people, who weren’t educated enough. So he started to write his epistolary novels:
Pamela or Virtue Rewarded