The War Poets: Brooke, Sasoon, Owen, Rosemberg

Appunto schematico ed essenziale (in inglese) sulle caratteristiche, la vita e le opere dei War Poets: Brooke, Sasoon, Owen, Rosemberg (1 pagine formato doc)

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THE WAR POETS THE WAR POETS The first world war was welcome with enthusiasm.
A lot of young men volunteered for military service in the early months of war, and they were the first to apprehend the horror and suffering of war. Young poets, in this period, dealt with horrors of modern warefore in choise of violent, everyday language. There are two kinds of war poets the first make an exaltation of the war as we can see in Rupert Brooke the second felt the no sense of war as we can see in Wilfred Owen. R. BROOKE - Born into a well-to-do academic family - Brooke's poetry would have changed in tone and imaginary - Brooke is remembered as a war poets, who inspired patriotism in the early months of the great war - He assumed a symbolic role that turned into the myth of a young and beautiful fallen. - He didn't get in touch with the horrors of the war because he wasn't a simple soldier - Brooke died in 1915 at the age of 28 because he contracted blood-poisoning the soldiers ___________________________________________________________________ The speaker is the poet he is speaking to foreign, the England is view as glory its quality are the power and superiority.
The poem is nostalgic, sentimental and patriotic, he is not afraid of death, the grove will be in England, he will enrich the foreign soil with his dust of English origin, he will be buried in England earth. There is an emphasis on war, he exalt English race. The death suggest me: glory, immortality and peace. In this poem the principal theme is the exaltation of the homeland, think always his country and wants to die there. S. SASOON - First poet that portrayed the truth about war - Born in an upper-class family - He carried out his protest against “the political errors and insincerities for which the soldiers are being sacrificed - He was extremely spontaneous - His description are cruel and realistic - He used devices like satire,documentary… W. OWEN - In Wilferd Owen'works positive emotion of love, admiration are present as well - In a war hospital he produced his most brillant poems. - He had a negative vision of war - He used many assonance and alliteration this give moral force which people must suffer and die. - He used phara-rhymes - his sonnet DULCE ET DECORUM EST based on the poet's experience of horrors of war. I. ROSEMBERG - He was very poor - modern poems - He used a simple language (spiritual and elementary)