Wordsworth and Keats

Annotaizoni in inglese su vita, opere e poetica dei due celebri uomini di lettere (2 pagine formato doc)

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The English Romantic movement can be divided in 2 periods:
  1. the TRUE ROMANTICISM ( 1798-1832)
  2. the VICTORIAN COMPROMISE (1832-1875) partial return to rationalism.
The first period can be described as "ETHICAL PERIOD" because the Romantic poets present ethical & aesthetic values.

LIRYCAL BALLADS = written by WORDSWORTH (ODE ON INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY)and COLERIDGE (RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER, the peak of Romanticism) (also called the lake district poets) is the manifesto of English Romantic movement : it's a return to a national and agricultural traditions.

The characteristics of this movement are also the social ethics brought about the FRENCH REVOLUTION = the ideas of political and moral freedom.

We also find these ideas in the 2 other poets : BYRON&SHELLEY while in KEATS (second generation) we find the perfect understanding of BEAUTY.

Wordsworth use a language in which the simple themes are suggestive.

Coleridge mixes archaisms and the verse has a fantastic potency.

NAPOLEONIC WARS = make the 2 poets to return to more traditional position.

W. became a supporter of the French Revolution, C.
tried to find a compromise between German idealism and Anglican orthodoxy.

WILLIAM WORDSWORTH (1770 Cockermouth,1850)

As a child he was rebel&introvert.
He graduated at Cambridge, then he went to France by the side of Girondins but when France became belligerent, he became reactionary and conservative.

DEEP MORAL CRISIS = this change produces in him a deep moral crisis and he also had personal troubles (with Anne Vallon).