William Butler Yeats: vita, opere e simbologia

Riassunto in inglese della vita del poeta, drammaturgo, scrittore e mistico irlandese, le sue opere maggiori e la simbologia nei suoi scritti (2 pagine formato doc)

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William Butler Yeats was probably the most important Irish poet of the twentieth century.

His biography is inseparable from the history of Irish nationalism, in fact both of them provided the major themes of his poetry. Born in Dublin in 1865 into a professional middle-class family, he spent his childhood in London where his family had moved, though he continued to spend his school holidays with his grandparents in Sligo, a country in the rural west of Ireland whose scenery, folklore, and legends later appeared in many of his works. His father was an artist and free thinker who influenced his son in his love for art, particularly painting.

The old men admiring themselves in the water: analisi della poesia di Yeats


When he left school, Yeats decided to become an artist, but soon discovered that his real vocation was poetry, and published his first poems in the Dublin University Review, in 1885.

Yeats was also extremely attracted by mystical doctrines, and went on studying them until his death.
In 1889 he met Maud Gonne, a beautiful actress and a fervent nationalist, that was to be his life long love: she dominated his life and poetry for the next years. She led him into the Irish Republican Brotherhood's politics, but, later on, she married John McBride: this was a terrible blow to Yeats's romantic dreams: his poetry changed; his style became hard and bitter, without the decorative images of his early poems; he turned to drama and his main topics became politics and art.


In 1899, Yeats founded the Irish Dramatic Movement, settled in the Abbey Theatre. He staged plays written by Yeats himself and other authors. He took part of the "Irish Renaissance", a cultural movement whose aim was to recover Irish past through the rediscovery of its art and culture. Yeats, meaning to encourage people in writing plays with a national theme, in order to create something that belonged to the whole Irish population, played a great role into this "Irish Rebirth". In 1927 he married Georgie Hyde-Lees, who encouraged him in the study of the supernatural, that had always fascinated him even in his young years.