Riassunto e commento di Eveline di Joyce

brevissimo riassunto e commento in inglese della novella di James Joyce "Eveline" (1 pagine formato doc)

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Riassunto e commento di Eveline - EVELINE “Eveline” is one of the fifteen short stories of the first great work of James Joyce: “Dubliners”.

Eveline is sitting at the window and her mind flows towards her past and actual life. She thinks to her games, when she was a child, of the death of her mother and her brother Harry, of the growthing violence of her father. In the end she thinks of her fiancè: Frank, and she is charmed by his strenght and generosity. Here we can observe that the time of the story isn't a cronologichal time and the feelings aren't presented in their logical sequence.

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There is neither time nor plot in Eveline's reflection.
This way of narrating is known as the “stream of consciousness tecnique”, first introduced by Stern and widely used by Joyce. Eveline is in the centre of a struggle, between the nostalgia of her everyday life, her family, her roots and her city: Dublin and the hope for a better life with Frank in Buenos Aires.