Romeo and Juliet

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Untitled Rome and Juliet ACT II, SCENE II Romeo is in the Capulets' garden when Juliet appears above at her window.
It is night and the moon is in the sky. Romeo overhears Juliet's confession of love for him while he is hidden below. He finds the courage to speak out because, in her words, Juliet offers herself to him when she says “take all myself”. In order to prove his love to Juliet, Romeo is ready to give up his name and claims that he is not afraid of her kinsmen's swords if they should find him there. Throughout his speech Romeo declares his love for Juliet, but he gives vent to his feelings mainly through poetic images which express his admiration for her beauty. His words also suggest her purity when he calls her “bright angel”, “dear saint”, “fair maid”.
“Life” and “Death” are briefly mentioned at the end of the scene, because they are closely connected. From what he says and does in this scene, Romeo may be described as bold and impulsive when he dares to reply to Juliet's words of love, courageous because he is not afraid of the danger of being in the Capulet's garden, passionate when he declares his love. Juliet is sincere and spontaneous when she speaks about her feelings, simple and innocent because she gives in to her love without flirting with Romeo; finally she is concerned about his safety. nascosto rinnegare afferma parenti in tutto il suo discorso dà sfogo principalmente attraverso luminoso onesta fanciulla brevemente audace osa amoreggiare interessata