Come analizzare un testo

Schema su come affrontare correttamente un'analisi testuale in lingua inglese (2 pagine formato doc)

Appunto di coleinlove
1) You Have To read the Whole Text and if you don't know some words you should see them in the vocabulary in order to understand better the meaning and the function of the article or text
2) You have to describe the type of text for example (this text is an example of "tabloid" journalism or scientific article or something else..) and a piece of HARD news (immediate events) or SOFT news (longer article with the author's opinion)

3) Start from the headline (title) which is useful to understand the content and the meaning of the text...
title gives elements to understand the text.
Note also if the title is written with a nominalization (verb turn into a name as for example (the outbreak of an industry)
several articles have the title nominalized (example: the title express what the text is about
and is written through a nominalization).

4) Analyse The Grammar: content (verbs, adjective and nouns) and function words (prepositions, detrminers, quantifiers and pronouns). Allora analizzi: a) Verbi: descrive if they’re passive o active, if they refer to states, possessions o actions and if there are modal verbs which could express the opinion of the author (such as "may" "could" "might" ecc.) poi vedi se ci sono alcuni verbs turned into names (nominalizations), if there is a topicalisation (una frase che riassume il meaning), a fronting (info that provides the meaning of other sentences) or independent and dependent clauses (theme and info taken for granted).