Moll Flanders

Riassunto in lingua inglese del romanzo Moll Flanders di Daniel Dafoe. (6 pag formato word) (0 pagine formato doc)

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MOLL FLANDERS MOLL FLANDERS Moll Flanders is the story about Lady Betty, forsaken by her mother in tender age.
After she has been for a little while with the gipsies, she went to Colchester (Essex), where the magistrates assigned to her a settlement with a nurse; she was a very kind woman, who became attacked to the young lady and decided to keep her under her protection. The girl grew up and became so beautiful and polite that an aristocratic family took her in their residence. Betty received a good instruction and became friend with the 2 rich sisters; in the house also lived 2 brothers who immediately started noting the charm of Betty. At first the elder boy felt in love with her till she gave up: they exchanged each other promise in marriage in secret but after a little time the second brother asked Betty to marry him.
Obviously she refused but nobody could understand why. The first brother, because of saving himself from disgrace, convinced Betty to accept the offer of marriage and to refuse their love. With great suffering, the lady became the wife of Robert, but he died after 5 years. So she was widow and she inherited a great estate and decided to marry a second time; she had a lot of lovers and she chose a cloth merchant. Unfortunately he wasn't very able to administer the patrimony and, in a little time, he spent all money they had. Become bankrupt he was arrested and told his wife to make all their wealth remained saved and to escape from London. She moved to Mint and changed her name into Moll Flanders. Here she met a lady and in exchange of her help with a lover, her new friend assisted Moll to find a new husband. Just spread the voice that she was very rich, a lot of lovers step forward and she decided to marry a man who had many properties in Virginia. They went to live there with his mother and Moll Flanders discovered a terrible truth: the old woman was her mother, so her husband was her brother. Upset Moll decided to escape from Virginia and went to live in Bath with very little money. Here she started attending a man of London: they became lovers but Moll remained pregnant and the faithful lover gave her a home in London where she could have been assisted: after she had a child the man repented and left Moll with a discreet sum of money. Where she lodged, also lived a lady of the North who, believing that Moll was very rich, decided to send her to her brother, a gentleman of Liverpool. Before going there Moll went to a bank for saving her exiguous patrimony. Here she met an employee who, after telling her that he was divorcing, asked her hand. But Moll said that she couldn't accept till the divorce was completed. So she went to Liverpool to meet her friend's brother, they felt in love and got married. But in a little time they remained without money: her husband became a thief and let Moll for saving himself from misery. Moll returned in London and married the bank's employee, but after an economical breakdown he felt hill and