Phrasal Verbs

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Elenco dei principali verbi frasali usati nella lingua inglese, traduzione in italiano, esempi, preposizioni divisibili e indivisibili (5 pagine formato doc)

LOOK AFTER = badare a  (indivisibile)
The baby-sitter looks after the children

= guardarsi attorno (indivisibile)
The thief looks around himself

LOOK FOR = cercare (indivisibile)
The lady is looking for jewellery

LOOK IN ON = visitare (qualcuno) inaspettatamente (indivisibile)
The child looks in on his old grandmother

LOOK INTO = estrapolare, investigare (indivisibile)
The psycologist looked into my problems

LOOK OUT FOR = stare in guardia (indivisibile)
The sentinel looks out for the intruders

LOOK THROUGH = guardare attraverso, ispezionare (indivisibile)
The policeman looked through the lock to find the thief

LOOK UP TO = stimare (indivisibile)
I look up to Sergio

= consultare (divisibile)
The student looks up the encyclopedia

LOOK OVER = ispezionare (divisibile)
The general looks over his soldiers

TAKE AFTER = somigliare (indivisibile)
Alice takes after her father

= scrivere (divisibile)
Alice takes down every word the teachers say (Religion too), so she's scandalous

TAKE OFF = decollare (indivisibile)
The plane took off at 7 p.m.

TAKE TO = infatuarsi (indivisibile)
Alice takes to Ridge in Beautiful