The Picture of Dorian Gray

Riassunto in inglese, sviluppando i vari punti(personaggi, ambiente, stile dell'autore...)trattati da Oscar Wilde. Appunto in inglese. (file.doc, 2 pag) (0 pagine formato doc)

Untitled THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY GENRE:"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is a formation's novel,that denotes an interior growth of the writer.It is half-way through novel and romance.
TIME & PLACE:It takes place in London about the end of nineteenth century,among persons who don't know how to while away their time;it's the portrait of sitting-room and upper-class people. CHARACTERS:The absolute characters are Dorian Gray,a very handsome young man,and his picture,the embodiment of Dorian's soul.Others important characters are the painter,Lord Henry Wotton and Sybil. BACKGROUND:The historical and social background regards dandysm.The dandysm is the extreme,fanatic delivery of aestheticism;is the conception of life as a "work of art",the sublimation of image,the continuos pursuit of perfection.
LANDSCAPE: The landscape is without escape from manners,chatterings,gossips;there is no light.The absolute mouthpiece and visible symbol of this environment is Lord Henry Wotton,a cynic old man. STYLE:Wilde moves his eyes through an omniscent narrator,who zooms from the observation of the society to the examination of Dorian's inner feelings.His style is theatrical,simple,but,at the same time,is very strong:he describes with great reality the horrors presents in the text.He uses a lot of dialogues and he make a careful choice of the words to employ. STAGE EFFECTS:The stage effects are the never-ending fight between truth and lie,the continuos exchange between pretence and reality,between Dorian and the mask.Moreover,the writer uses some very beautiful sentences for no definite reason.As a matter of fact,the plot itself is a stage effect. HORIZON:The horizon is unlimited,because the characters move to ideas supreme and majestc. OUTLINE:The scene opens into the painter's study.Dorian is sitting for his portrait.The painter receives the visit of Lord Henry,and the three men have a long conversation.Lord Henry imparts his philosofy to Dorian Gray,that immediately attracts him.The painter finishes the portrait and Dorian,seeing his image like reflected on the cloth,begins to cry.Unintentionally he makes a pact with the devil;he stays young and intact for ever,it's his portrait that gradually ages and bears the marks of Dorian's crimes and vices.When he meets Sybil,a young actress,they falls in love.Sybil really loves Dorian.But Dorian,in front of the authenticity of girl's feelings,leaves her,and she commits suicide.Years pass,and Dorian falls deeper and deeper into corruption.One day,he even kills Basil,the painter,because he thinks him to be responsible of the downfall of his soul.The novel ends with Dorian's desperate attemps of killing his soul,that is reflected on the cloth of the picture,and in that moment he becomes old and he die. EXTENSION:The picture of Dorian Gray is the prophecy of the twentieth century's man.The message is very clear:every excess,like every excessive giving up,carries to the own downfall.You become what you do.The epiphanic moment is t