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Albert EinsteinEinstein was born in Ulm, Germany on 14 March 1879.

When he was five, he turned the compass, the needle always pointed in the same direction. It was the first time that the boy started to think about the mysteries of the universe.
He had trouble learning how to talk. His grades were low.
The teacher said Albert’s father: “there’s nothing you can do: he’ll never make a success of anything”.
However, Albert was good at maths and science. He want to college and became a teacher himself.
Einstein’s “theory of relativity” shook up the science world. The ideas were very complicated.


Adolf Hitler had taken over the government in Germany, Hitler hated Jewish people, and Einstein, a Jew, had a difficult time for several years.
He came to the United States. For the next twenty-two years Einstein worked at the Institute for Advanced study in Princenton, New Jersey.
He said his mind was usually too full of science to think about much else.
One he used a $1,500 cheque for a bookmark and lost the book. Einstein’s wife sometimes packed his suitcase when he went on a trip. When he came home, she was always shocked to see that the suitcase had never been opened.

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Einstein either forgot he had a suitcase or didn’t have time to open it. A man called the school’s main office and a secretary answered the phone. The caller asked for Einstein’s address. The secretary said that the address was a secret, the caller said he was Einstein.
Einstein received many awards and honours, including the Nobel Prize.
Albert died on 18 April 1955.

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