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ADVERTISING ADVERTISING Advertising user images more than any other medium because, more than a written text, images immediately catch people's attention and convey an immediate message.
Commercial advertising is a powerful promotional means used to convince people that the product is USEFUL, NECESSARY, of a HIGHER QUALITY if compared to what is offered by the competition in the same line. In order to win people's choice, the product is carefully presented so that to excite the unconscious desires of the consumers, for example the desire to be beautiful and attractive, young and dynamic, or the desire to be powerful and authoritative. How to present the product: it is generally placed in the optical centre of the complete image which does not correspond to the centre of the page or television screen but is slightly moved to the centre top or centre bottom.
The textual and visual elements may be distributed symmetrically (if you want to convey an idea of order and balance) or asymmetrically (if you want to create a dynamic and alive composition). The trade mark is ussually evidenced in the best possible way. Words and sentences used to advertise a product: there is a specific language used to advertise a product. Words must be original and have a strong communicative efficiency. Advertising messages usually contain the slogan and a text. The slogan is usually more evident than any other written message which is used to inform about the quality of the product. Colours: they must catch people's attention. Each colour has a symbolic meaning. So WHITE conveys the idea of hygiene, purity, cleanliness. GREEN conveys the idea of what is natural and fresh and together with BLUE it suggests healthy life in the open spaces. RED pushes people to action. Dark BLUE IS the symbol of the night. YELLOW reminds the sun and is the colour of gold so it is used to convey the idea of wealth, elegance and refinement. BLACK is used to advertise precious and elegant objects. GREY and BROWN are used as background colours, so they are used to put other colours into evidence.