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Untitled environment (ambiente).
Global warming (calore del globo). Exhaust fumes: they are dirty and black fumes that power stations expel Power station: a building where energy, for example electricity is made Traffic jam: a long line vehicles on the road that cannot move, or that move very slowly mask: something that covers all or part of your face in order to protect or hide it L'inquinamento dell'aria ferma la calura che sta lasciando l'atmosfera. Il crescente calore della Terra è detto "surriscaldamento del globo". travel (viaggio) bicycle: a vehicle with two wheels that you ride by pushing the pedals bus: a large vehicle that people pay to travel on train: a transport means formed by a lot of carriage and an engine public transport: transport means that people use together and pay to travel on. They have a driver.
Le macchine causano l'inquinamento e ingorghi. Altri mezzi di trasporto sono meno nocivi all'ambiente Acid rain (pioggia acida) Harmful gases: they're toxic gases that factory and power station expel. They're dangerous to people and to the environment Acid rain: rain that damages the environment because it contains acid, especially the factory smog Deforestation: when all the trees in an area are cut down or destroyed La pioggia acida è una pioggia che contiene acido dall'inquinamento industriale. È nociva all'ambiente e per gli edifici. Energy (energia) Hydroelectric dam: it's a wall built near a river to produce energy Wind turbine: a tall structure whit parts that are turned by the wind, used for making electricity Solar panel: a piece of equipment that changes sun's light in electicity L'energia che viene dal vento, dall'acqua e dal sole è migliore per l'ambiente. Waste (rifiuti) Effluent: formal liquid waste Factory: a building where goods are producing in large quantities Litter: piece of waste paper and so on that people leave on the ground Rubbish: paper, food etc. that you no longer need and that is thrown away Le nocive scorie chimiche dalle fabbriche e i rifiuti dalle case inquinano campi e fiumi Recycling (reciclaggio) Bottle bank: a large container in a public place where you leave empty bottles so that the glass can be used again Recycled paper: a pie of paper that is used again because it comes from a recycling centre Qualche cosa come carta, plastica, lattine, e vetro possono essere raccolte e usate ancora. Questo è chiamato reciclaggio.