Dickens:A tale of two cities

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The story takes place between London and Paris from 1757 to 1790 during the French Revolution Sophie Seiler III.
WG 12.12-00 Book review 2 A tale of two cities Charles Dickens The story takes place between London and Paris from 1757 to 1790 during the French Revolution. As a small child Lucie Manette was brought from France to England by Mr. Lorry, because her father and mother had died. Now, in the 1775 Mr. Lorry is going to tell Miss Manette the truth: Alexander Manette, her father, who was a doctor was kidnapped in the 1757 by the Marquises of Evrémonde to heal a girl. Before Mr.
Manette left he discovered a seriously wounded boy, whose older sister was captured by the Marquises of Evrémonde for her beauty, his other sister was hiding somewhere. The boy died due to his injuries, the doctor could not rescue him. Couple of days later the Marquise's wife visited Mr. Manette to tell him that she wanted to find and to help the younger sister of the boy who had died. Shortly afterwards Mr. Manette was arrested by the King of France and brought to the Bastille. After twenty long years in the Bastille Mr. Deferage liberated him. Mr. Deferage and his wife owned a wine-shop in the center of Paris. Mr. Lorry and Miss Manette brought Mr. Manette back to England. Some months later Miss Manette married Charles Marquise of Evrémonde, the man whose father had killed the boy that Mr. Manette tried to rescue. But nobody knew about this secret. By now we know that the hidden girl was Mrs. Deferage, the wine-shop owner. She hated and wanted to kill the Evrémonde family because they had killed her brother and had captured her sister. In French the Revolution had broken out many noble people were in danger. Mr. Lorry and Charles Marquise of Evrémonde decided to go to Paris and help the French nobles to emigrate to England. Mrs. Deferage knew about these intensions and let arrest Charles Marquise of Evrémonde, who was condemned by the judges to be killed by Guillotine. A very good friend of him, Sidney Carton, was disposed to die for him, so Charles could turn back in peace to England and live with his family.