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Untitled Cologno 4 Novembre 2000.
Inglese: grammatica. es.11 pag 169. Did they leave for Paris a week ago? They didn't leave to Paris a week ago. Didn't they leave to Paris a week ago? Did Helen buy a new car last mouth? She didn't buy a new car last mouth. Didn't she buy a new car last mouth? Did I finish that job last April? I didn't finish that job last April Didn't I finish that job last April? Did he speak to the embassy yesterday morning? He didn't speak to the embassy yesterday morning Didn't he speak to the embassy yesterday morning? Did we come home very late last Friday? We didn't come home very late last Friday Didn't we come home very late last Friday? es.15 pag 171. 1 When I arrived in the Hotel, I phoned to my parents, I had a shower and then I went out and I had my dinner whit some friends of mine.
Did you spend much money at the restaurant Sunday evening? At what time did you arrive in Firenze? It was very late. Last week I met Jack, my old English friend. He was at the cinema whit his wife. I didn't know your telephone number, so I phoned to your sister yesterday evening. Yesterday morning my mum had a headache and she didn't go out. Yesterday I sae Pauline, but I didn't talk to her about my problem. Last year Susan was in Germany for some mouth. Thursday was Bob birthday. We bought him a red sweater. Why didn't you come last Saturday? I was ill. I had a terrible toothache. Salmon cost too yesterday morning at the market and we didn't buy it. We read this new on yesterday news paper. es.18 pag 172. I didn't go and play tennis yesterday because it was raining all the day long. Were there many students at the meeting yesterday morning? Last Wednesday my brother had a ticket for a concert but he didn't have time to go there. So he gave me that ticket. My friends had a party Saturday night but I didn't go there because i had the flue. Yesterday I didn't have much homework so I went and meet Mario, a friend of mine. The shop had a lot of good kind of shoes but they were very expensive That day Arthur was very sad and he didn't know what to do. We had a very good ice cream yesterday evening. es.19 pag 173. "Robin Hood visse al tempo di re Riccardo cuor di leone nel 12° secolo. Lui ed i suoi uomini vivevano nella foresta di Sherwood e rubavano soldi ai ricchi per darli ai poveri. Lo sceriffo di Nottingham era il suo nemico e continuamente combatteva con lui, ma Robin vinceva sempre! Ci fu anche una storia d'amore tra robin e Marian Doubois. Robin l'amava, ma anche lo sceriffo. Molti attori hanno interpretato il ruolo di Robin Hood:il primo fu Flynn negli anni '20, poi Sean Connery e anche Kevin Costner lo hanno interpretato in diversi film. Robin Hood fu una persona reale? Non ne siamo sicuri, ma c'è una graziosa statua di lui nel centro di Nottingham." Yes he did. 5. Yes he did. Yes he did. 6. No, he wasn't. No, he didn't. 7. Yes he was No, he didn't. 8. No, it isn't