The Canterville Ghost, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime e The sphinx without a secret

The Canterville Ghost, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime e The sphinx without a secret: riassunto in inglese delle opere di Oscar Wilde (1 pagine formato doc)


Opere di Oscar Wilde.

The Canterville Ghost.
•    Lord Canterville
•    Mr Hiram B. Otis, American Ambassador
•    Mrs Otis, a fine-looking middle-aged woman; she looked like an English lady.
•    Washington Otis, the eldest son, a fair-haired, rather good looking young man, well known as an excellent dancer and as an extremely sensible boy.
•    Miss Virginia E. Otis, a little girl of fifteen, with beautiful blue eyes; a wonderful sportswoman.
•    The Duke of Cheshire, Virginia's boyfriend.
•    The twins, two schoolboys who had no respect for nobody.
•    Mrs Umney, Canterville Chase's housekeeper.
•    Sir Simon de Canterville, the ghost, a terrible old man, with burning coal eyes, long grey hair; his clothes were dirty and ragged and from his arms and legs hung heavy and rusty chains.
•    The twins threw a pillow to the ghost.
•    The twins shot peas to the ghost with their peashooters.
•    The twins put into a passage a simulacrum of a ghost to scare Sir Simon.
•    The twins put a bucket of water on a door to wet the ghost.
•    The twins screamed a "BOO" into the ghost's ear to make him be scared.

Il fantasma di Canterville: scheda libro


LORD ARTHUR SAVILE'S CRIME. About fortune-tellers - a chiromantist, Mr Podgers, predicted, reading Lord Arthur's hand, that he would kill a person. Lord Arthur, even if shocked, decides to carry out his fate before marring Sybil. He makes a list of all his friends and relations and he chooses Lady Clementina Beauchamp: he decides to give her a pill of aconitine, saying her it's a pill for stomach-aches. But Lady Clem dies of natural death before taking the aconitine pill and Lord Arthur is obliged to choose another person to kill: he chooses his uncle, the Dean of Chichester. He presents him an explosive clock, but also this murder fails. After this second failure Lord Arthur decides not to try again to kill anyone. Walking on Thames he meets Mr Podgers and he gets the idea of killing the same chiromantist and throws him into the river. He suddenly marries Sybil. From that experience, Lord Arthur didn't want to hear anybody laughing about chiromancy.
•    Lady Windermeres.
•    Lord Arthur.
•    Mr Podgers.
•    Sybil Merton.
•    Lady Clementina Beauchamp.
•    Mr Pestle, the chemists.
•    Mr Mansfield, Lady Clem's lawyer.
•    The Dean of Chichester.
•    Herr Winckelkopf, the clockmaker.


THE SPHINX WITHOUT A SECRET - The author tells to have met Lord Murchison, a friend of his at the university, outside the Café de la Paix in Paris: Lord Murchison tells his friend he's in love with Lady Alroy, a beautiful and mysterious woman, and wants to marry her. But Lady Alroy seems to have a secret and he doesn't know if it's a real or a presumed one, he suspects she has a lover. But Lady Alroy doesn't have any secret, she just pretend to have one, to have a double life. Lady Alroy dies after have been left by Lord Murchison who thought she has a lover.