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I principali verbi frasali inglesi con facili esempi.(formato word 5 pg) (0 pagine formato doc)

Phrasal Verbs Phrasal Verbs LOOK LOOK AFTER = badare a (indivisibile) The baby-sitter looks after the children LOOK AROUND = guardarsi attorno (indivisibile) The thief looks around himself LOOK FOR = cercare (indivisibile) The lady is looking for jewellery LOOK IN ON = visitare (qualcuno) inaspettatamente (indivisibile) The child looks in on his old grandmother LOOK INTO = estrapolare, investigare (indivisibile) The psycologist looked into my problems LOOK OUT FOR = stare in guardia (indivisibile) The sentinel looks out for the intruders LOOK THROUGH = guardare attraverso, ispezionare (indivisibile) The policeman looked through the lock to find the thief LOOK UP TO = stimare (indivisibile) I look up to Sergio LOOK UP = consultare (divisibile) The student looks up the encyclopedia LOOK OVER = ispezionare (divisibile) The general looks over his soldiers TAKE TAKE AFTER = somigliare (indivisibile) Alice takes after her father TAKE DOWN = scrivere (divisibile) Alice takes down every word the teachers say (Religion too), so she's scandalous TAKE OFF = decollare (indivisibile) The plane took off at 7 p.m.
TAKE TO = infatuarsi (indivisibile) Alice takes to Ridge in Beautiful TAKE UP = intraprendere (indivisibile) Alice took up volley ball when she was 10 (so on Sunday she never picks up) TAKE AWAY = sottrarre (indivisibile) Marco and Claudio took away Benetti from death for collapsing TAKE BACK = restituire (indivisibile) Marco took back some books to the library after 5 months TAKE IN = imbrogliare (indivisibile) Alice takes in all of us saying she's a woman TAKE OVER = prendere il controllo (indivisibile) Alice took over her father's company TAKE ON = accettare una responsabilità (indivisibile) Anna doesn't take on Alessio Scabro as boyfriend PUT PUT IN FOR = fare domanda per un lavoro (indivisibile) The girl put in for a job as secretary PUT UP WITH = tollerare (indivisibile) Some teachers put up with bad children PUT OFF = lasciare / posticipare (divisibile) The boy put off the appointment with his girlfriend PUT ON = accendere / vestirsi (divisibile) My mother put on her best dress The scouts put on a fire PUT THROUGH = telefonare (divisibile) The secretary put through the telephone call PUT OUT = togliere / spegnere (divisibile) The fireman put out the fire PUT UP = alzare il prezzo / erigere / proporre (divisibile) The teacher put up her best student for a contest ASK ASK FOR = chiedere per ottenere (indivisibile) The woman asked for a drink ASK AFTER = chiedere informazioni riguardo ad una persona (indivisibile) Viviana asks after Jessica's grandmother RUB RUB OUT = cancellare (indivisibile) Peter accidentally rubbed out some important informations get GET ACROSS = far capire (divisibile) Alice gets across to Massi that she's in love with him Politicians nowadays can't get their message across the people GET BACK = recuperare (divisibile) The pirates got their treasure back GET DOWN = annotare, demoralizzare Alice gets down everything in her co.