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Storia horror inventata in inglese scritta per un compito in classe: "It was a dreary night" (2 pagine formato doc)

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It was a dreary night.

The big clock on the tower was beating the midnight. Suddenly Tom Black woke up and began to dress is usual soutane, he had to make right the last wrong he had known. It’s too long these facts were happening. He had a mission, for that he decided to become a priest, now he had to finish his work. Even if he lived in a small town there were an incredible quantity of sins there, and he had a lot of work to punish them and to remain unsospectable, because he still had a role to defend and to protect. It was Mrs Jack today, she needed to be punished for her sins, it was time for she to confess them, and now she’ll be purified. He took his knife of work; he looked to it before he put it into its hidden pocket.
How was it brilliant!! It seemed to reflect true infernal flames that could thaw out his icy eyes. But if you asked the people of the town about him you would find a positive opinion also given because of his good-looking: his red hair contrasted successfully with his eyes and his pale pink fading skin like the one of a pure baby. Tonight his work would be so simple he didn’t need any of his mystic powers his Boss could borrow to him for the most difficult cases, and he felt more calm and self-confident and less nervous. 


This time he would have not failed, he would demonstrate he was able to do his work of his own. So he went out...oh what’s all that mud?!? He needed boots...They were particular boots of black leather, with several cuts on their surface and a thick layer of earth on the sole...oh it’s true there was ever been a lot of mud when he went to carry out his work...who knows why?!? It was very strange, but not only it was so, so he didn’t care it... there were no moon and the sound of the owl was so comforting it seemed to guide and help him. Finally he arrived to Mrs Jack’s house: everyone was sleeping, no light there was... suddenly a noise, Tom looked around cautiously what was it? Oh.. only a black cat, it’s a good presage, he had his Boss’ help!!
Now the most difficult part of his work; he had to enter into the house and find the woman.............

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It was hard but he arrived.. The stairs.. The locked door.. The carpet in with he stumbled.. The curtains flying at the breeze.. The light breath of two people.. His noiseless steps in the room.. The knife in his hand.. The knife in the air.. The knife in a flash.. The knife with a diabolic face over it.. The knife in the flesh.. A light scream.. a jump out of the window..The house woke up.. Light everywhere.. movements.. cries of a baby.. fear.. panic.. death.

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