Justice is done di Thomas Hardy: riassunto

"Justice is done" (Tess dei d'Urbeville): breve riassunto del racconto di Thomas Hardy (1 pagine formato doc)

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Justice is done”.

The passage refers to the last chapter of the novel. Tess’s sister and Clare are leaving Wintoncester. They walk with bowed heads, hand in hand they look dejected. They reach a hill and from there they look down at the town. Their attention is caught by the ugly building of the prison, the one blot of the city’s beauty. Up the staff fixed on the black flag is waving. The couple kneel and remain motionless for a long time, then arise and ,hand in hand, they go on. This means that Tess has been executed.
The immanent will, (in the passage Hardy calls it the “President of the Immortals”), has finished to torment Tess. “Justice was done” says Hardy but these words are ironical: the writer thinks Tess’s deal is a great injustice. Hardy underlines the fact that her death leaves everybody indifferent (except Clare and Liza-Lu), he says that her ancestors sleep on in their tombs. Nature is indifferent too: the day Tess dies the weather was bright,sunny and warm and the sun’s rays smile on Liza-Lu and Clare pitilessly.

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