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Laertes, Polonius' son and Ophelia's brother, is a man whose good nature has been twisted by the excessive woorrying about appearances,a peculiarity of his father.

After a short stay at the King's Court for Claudius' coronation, while he was coming back to Paris he makes a long speach to his sister about the importance of keeping her chastity and not surrender to Hamlet. At this advice, Ophelia, probably getting to know her brother's free behaviour, she replies he can't teach her austerity of habits without practising the same rules himself.

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This point about austerity of habits of Laertes' is a suspect that becomes stronger when Rinaldo, a servant of Polonius', was ordered by his father to spy on him. Clearly Laertes gives sermons about his habits, like his father, he is sure that there are two different weights and sizes for men and women.

When he knows about the strange circumstances of his father's death, Laertes, touched in his sense of honour comes back to Denmark to revenge Polonius. He also succeds in gathering a crowd of rough people to assalt the castle.

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When he realizes his sister's madness he feels a deep pain. But what hurts him more seems to be his father's funeral, which has been anonymous and without a public ceremony. Unlike Hamlet who refuses to kill Claudius while he was praying, Laertes instead would kill the prince “cutting his throat in the church” as long as he could have his revenge. Hamlet's behaviour at Ophelia's funeral makes Laertes more determined in his aim.

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At the end of the drama Laertes has the oportunity to forgive Hamlet who shakes his hands and apologizes pleading his madness. But Laertes, driven by his sense of honour, even if he agrees to be friend of Hamlet, puts off the reconciliation until he's sure that his reputation won't be damaged. At last he redeems himself forgiving and being forgiven and informing Hamlet about Claudius' intention. He's the perfect opposite of Hamlet. He's the man of action and decision, while Hamlet is the man of eternal doubt.

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